15-1 Fall 2003 “Indigenizing Our Future” Table of Contents

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From ‘Savages’ to Scientists: Mainstream science moves toward recognizing traditional knowledge
By Dr. Lori Lambert (Mi’kmaq/Abenaki)
AAAS invites tribal scholars to explain how the knowledge of their grandfathers can address the issues of tomorrow. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Chiefs & Visionaries: AIHEC molds leadership initiative to match tribal values
By Dr. Deborah (Wetsit) His Horse is Thunder (Assiniboine) and Dr. Gerald Gipp (Hunkpapa Lakota)
The consortium of tribal colleges plans a unique mentorship program to prepare leaders who can meet the many challenges facing tribal organizations. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Faces Behind the Tribal College Movement
To celebrate AIHEC’s 30th anniversary, TCJ is publishing a series of tributes. TCJ PAID CONTENT

TCJ Student Edition
Joseph Bruchac found 23 new writers in this year’s student edition who seemed “as familiar as old friends.”


Dear Readers: Our Movement Will Always Be About People
By Gerald E. Gipp, Ph.D.

Editor’s Essay: Indigenizing Our Future: Listening to Indian voices will help us face the challenges ahead
By Marjane Ambler

Voices: Will Indian Education Be Left Behind?
By Richard B. Williams (Oglala Lakota) TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

On the cover: David Dalasohya Jr. (Hopi/Laguna Pueblo), “Sweet Corn and Beautiful Water.” Acrylic on Canvas, 2003, photo By Larry M. Phillips Sr., courtesy of the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum: Cat#: H-402.

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