Sinte Gleska Expands Computer Curriculum

Aug 15th, 1998 | By | Category: 10-1: Teaching Math and Science, Tribal College News

Sinte Gleska University is now offering a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, which can be completed in four years by taking an average of 16 credit hours per semester. Because students are strongly encouraged to develop a second area of concentration other than computer science, it is expected that students graduating from the program will have the necessary skills to find employment in either computer science or information technology. A strong feature of the program is the inclusion of both software and hardware elements in the curriculum, culminating in a two-semester course in computer networking during the senior year.

The program represents a balance between software and hardware, and between theory and practice. In addition to the previous requirements, computer science majors are expected to complete a computer science internship at a tribal agency, industrial firm, or educational institution. In this way, students gain practical experiences in their chosen profession, and, at the same time, earn college credits.

The computer science components of the Arts and Science Department will be housed in the new Technology Complex currently under construction at the Antelope Campus. This new campus is being generously provided to the University by the Lannan Foundation of Santa Fe, N.M. Sinte President Lionel Bordeaux says, “The computer science program is good for the people of the Rosebud and will provide a means of economic development.” In addition, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is supporting the computer science program through a Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE) grant that extends over a five-year period. As a result of the NSF/MIE funds, the university is purchasing 70 Pentium II and 20 PowerMac personal computers. The new campus will have four fully equipped computer labs for student use.

Potential students interested in the computer science program or organizations interested in the internship program are encouraged to call Wayne Daniels at (605) 2321 or Leland Bordeaux at (605) 856-2886, or write Computer Science Director, Sinte Gleska University, P.O. Box 8, Mission, S.D. 57555.

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