Executive Order to Benefit Indian Students

Nov 15th, 1998 | By | Category: 10-2: Assessing Student Learning in a Cultural Environment, Tribal College News

President William J. Clinton issued an executive order in August that aims to improve the academic performance and reduce dropout rates for American Indian and Alaska Native students at all levels of education. The order focuses on five goals: improving student achievement in reading and math, increasing high school and post-secondary completion, reducing poverty and substance abuse, creating strong, drug-free schools, and expanding the use of science and educational technology. It establishes an Interagency Task Force to plan how to accomplish the goals.

The order culminates a four-year effort by several national Indian organizations. National Indian Education Association President Yvonne Novack said, “The Executive Order is an opportunity for Indian education to move forward and create more opportunities for Indian learners.” The Native American Education Executive Order does not specifically mention tribal colleges; President Clinton signed a Tribal College Executive Order in 1996. However, the new executive order may involve the tribal colleges in certain areas, such as educational research. The 1996 order directed tribal colleges to work with K-12 schools.

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