Red Crow Uses Impartial Assessment Tool

Nov 15th, 1998 | By | Category: 10-2: Assessing Student Learning in a Cultural Environment, Tribal College News

Red Crow Community College recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as an adult and post- secondary institution serving the Kainai community on the Blood Reserve in Alberta, Canada. College administrators attribute its longevity to the efforts of the staff and faculty.

Each year the college evaluates employees in as objective a manner as possible. The managers and president of the college look at the performance of the staff in each of their capacities. Evaluations include ratings by the person’s supervisor. Five people who receive or otherwise benefit from the employee’s services also assist with the evaluation. For instance, a registrar will be evaluated by a supervisor along with five fellow employees and students who receive or benefit from his or her services. In the case of instructors, the supervising instructor will sit in on classes to assess the performance of the instructor, and five students will also be selected to evaluate the performance of the instructor. The number of people involved is intended to provide more objectivity.

The evaluation forms include a comment section, which is designed to elicit responses and opinions not covered by the standard questions on the form itself. After reviewing the forms, supervisors brief their employees on the evaluations, telling them of problems that need to be rectified and/or commending them for their efforts. Through its membership in the American Indian Higher Education Consortium in the United States and the First Nations Adult and Higher Education Consortium in Canada, Red Crow exchanges ideas for such alternative, appropriate assessment, research, and curriculum for Native higher education institutions.

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