White Bison Grant to Benefit Colleges

Aug 15th, 1999 | By | Category: 10-4: Native Arts Education, Tribal College News

The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment has awarded a three year grant to focus on addictions recovery at the Indian communities nationwide. The 31 tribal colleges in the United States are expected to play a major role in the project, Native American Circles of Recovery, according to Don Coyhis, president and founder of White Bison. Anchored by the tribal colleges, community-based recovery circles will include participation by alcoholics, addicts, youth, women, men, families, veterans, and friends, Coyhis said. Each tribal college will have an opportunity to support and participate in addictions recovery gatherings, workshops, and training programs. Each program will be culturally specific and culturally appropriate.

Mental health and substance abuse treatment programs that already exist at the community level will find new resources and a new ally in the Circles of Recovery program. One of the tribal colleges will be able to offer the Healing Forest Community Change Process as an academic program during two of the three program years. The program is expected to develop into an associate or baccalaureate degree in Native American Community Healing. White Bison, Inc., is an American Indian non-profit organization based in Colorado Springs, Colo., that has been facilitating healing programs in Indian communities since 1988.

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