Soop on Wheels

Sep 15th, 1999 | By | Category: 11-1: 10th Anniversary Issue, Tribal College News

 Video by Sandy Greer

Review by Richard Simonelli

“Soop on Wheels” is a video telling the story of the tenacity of the human spirit. Sandy Greer, a Canadian videographer, paints a portrait of hope and healing while relating the life and contributions of Everett Soop, a Blackfoot political cartoonist and humorist who lives on the Blood Indian Reserve of southern Alberta, Canada. His survival tools have been an outrageous sense of humor, artistic gifts, and the spiritual values taught to him by his grandparents. He has produced a remarkable body of published work despite the affliction of almost life -long muscular dystrophy. This hour-long video communicates the universal message about how a person with disabilities  needs to be accepted as a whole person. In telling Everett Soop’s story, it says, “YES YOU CAN!” to Native people and all people with disabilities.

To obtain a copy, contact The Filmakers Library, Inc., 124 East 40th St., New York, NY  10016.  Phone (212)808-4980; fax (212)808-4983; e-mail <> In Canada, contact McNabb and Connolly, phone (905) 278-0566; fax (905) 278-0566; e-mail <mcnabbconnolly@homeroom.ca11>

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