Collaborating For Change: New Directions for Meeting the Higher Education Needs of Urban Americans

Nov 15th, 1999 | By | Category: 11-2: Teacher Education, Media Reviews

By Margaret Peake Raymond, Project Coordinator (1999).

Review by Gregory Gagnon

This report summarizes and presents the recommendations from a two-year project of the American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative. The initiative studied urban Indian access to higher education in Minneapolis- St. Paul. Funded by several foundations, the process involved extensive community input, intercollegiate discussions, an elaborate needs assessment, and the compilation of data about American Indian higher education in general as well as for the target area.

Products of this first phase of a five-year project include four recommendations, eleven goals, a 140-page summary report, and executive summary, a needs assessment report, copies of the instruments used and an annotated literature review. Although the report and its supportive materials reveal no truly new conclusions for veterans of Indian higher education, the methodical presentation of information is helpful.

Any tribal college anticipating a foray into urban education should have this report because it shows how a well-funded needs assessment can involve the major players in higher education and the community. The annotated literature review, available separately, will be valuable for any teacher of Indian education courses. Margaret Peake Raymond, working out of Hamline University, coordinated the study, which involved virtually all organizations involved in Indian education in the area. For copies, contact Margaret Peake Raymond at 651-523-2989 or email her at <>.

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