15-2 Winter 2003 “Reclaiming Native Health” Table of Contents

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15-2 WINTER 2003Features

Community-based educational programs are breaking rules
By Dr. Paul Boyer
Could AIDS be the next smallpox epidemic? Tribal colleges are turning to culture and elders to make sure that it won’t. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Leaders on the Path: Federal researcher learns from Lummi how to tackle diabetes
By Rob McDonald
Dr. Bill Freeman left the Indian Health Service to work for a tribal college, transforming the teacher/pupil relationship. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Keeping it Alive: Centers contribute to cultural renaissance on college campuses
By Richard Simonelli
AIHEC’s Cultural Learning Centers share the people’s stories through photos, artwork, Native languages, exhibits, and gardens. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Summer Diabetes Programs a Healthy Hit
“I am buying less pop.” Is this an indicator that AIHEC and the tribal colleges might reverse the trends and decrease diabetes rates? TCJ PAID CONTENT

Contract With Native America: Tribal colleges can help mobilize Native American vote
By David M. Gipp, Phil Baird, Dr. Janine Pease, and Tom Katus
In the past, most politicians ignored Native issues. With new-found political capital, educators hope to change that.

Campaign of Hope: Research finds scholarships, new facilities enhance learning experience
Sometimes considered “Mickey Mouse” colleges in the past, tribal colleges’ new facilities changed their status in their communities. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: How AIHEC is Fighting for Health Care Equality
By Gerald E. Gipp, Ph.D.

Editor’s Essay: Reclaiming Native
By Marjane Ambler

Profile: Danny Lopez
By Michael McDonald TCJ PAID CONTENT

Voices: Affirmative Action: An opportunity to escape wage slavery
By Thomas Shortbull (Oglala Lakota) TCJ PAID CONTENT

Land Grant: Fort Berthold Kids Learn to Love Lambs
By Cheyanne Erickson TCJ PAID CONTENT

Research: The Learning Circle: U. of Calgary provides a new model for social work education
By Michael Kim Zapf, Ph.D.; William Pelech, Ph.D.; Betty Bastien, Ph.D.; Ralph Bodor, M.S.W.; Jeannine Carriere, M.S.W.; Gail Zuk, M.S.W. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Sara Wiles, Dr. Tim Begaye, Sammie Bordeaux, and Gwynne Spencer

Resource Guide
By Peggy Hiestand, M.Ed.

ON THE COVER: Photograph by Michael McClure, freelance photographer, Lander, WY. Layout by Walt Pourier of Nakota Designs Inc.

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