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Feb 15th, 2000 | By | Category: 11-3: Native Language
By Marjane Ambler

We are grateful that so many readers took the time to fill out the Reader Surveys printed in Vol. XI, N. 1. We rely upon your feedback as we work with our Advisory Board to decide future themes, advertising policies, how to utilize our website, and how much emphasis to put on students’ creative writing.

In addition, 50 of you took the time to provide the name and address of someone that you thought would like a free sample issue, including librarians, college presidents, and even President Bill Clinton! To increase our readership, this offer is always open. If you provide a name and address, we will send a sample copy.

Readers’ comments about tribal colleges:

“It is my antidote to the bloated behemoths of education who are madly scrambling for $$ with little or no regard for the students they claim to serve. Tribal colleges DO what others talk about.”…. “It’s great to see evidence of progress in educating Native Americans in the proper way—maintaining their culture while meeting the challenges of the modern world.”…. “I am fascinated by the scope and diversity.”

About Tribal College Journal content: 

“Too much PR – not enough reporting, analysis, discussion of tribal education issues. It’s probably an effective fund raiser and PR magazine, but it does not reflect the constructive critical discussion on which strong development of the colleges depends.”….

“TCJ persuades me to invest money in the tribal colleges.”…. “Try for less assessing blame. We need a positive approach to the next century, and many of us are accepting responsibility for ourselves!”

“I would be interested in more articles about the practical obstacles on the reservations and in the communities which Indian students must routinely overcome.”…. “As an inveterate line editor ( i.e. ‘obsessive’) I find your quality of writing—both content and correct use of English—superb.”

“Too busy to read much, but I do like what I read. Perhaps the magazine is a bit too long and imposing than needed for most readers and maybe tries to do a little too much.”…. “I would like more detail. Sometimes I find articles to be rather short and superficial.”…. “More about why some colleges have effective development practices and others none at all.”…. “More about how to start tribal colleges.” …. “Vol. 10, N.4 (student edition) was the best. All I knew about Native Americans was from solicitation letters of distress.”…. “I love the journal very much and hope this keeps going until 3000!”


“Starting to see more color photos and titles—like that much better but know it costs more.”… “I love to see the improved appearance.”… “Do not let advertising overwhelm the journal. A separate magazine would be fine.”


“Please do not become just an electronic journal, or you will lose some of your readers. Please think of all of us.”… “I do not own a computer, but it should be online for others.” …. “You might consider including an announcement section for colleges and universities to notify of job opportunities, postdoctoral fellowships, and so on.” (Editor’s note: See our new, updated website with the Job Opportunities postings at

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