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15-3 ENGLISH ONLY SPRING 2004Features

One Man, Two Languages: Confessions of a freedom-loving bilingual
By Dr. Richard Littlebear (Northern Cheyenne)
When someone asked why he opposed the English Only movement, Dr. Littlebear felt too shocked to respond. Now he explains how Cheyenne enhances his life.

English Only Proponents Push Legislation
By Juan A. Avila Hernandez (Yoeme-Yoi) TCJ PAID CONTENT

New Voices, Ancient Words: Language immersion produces fluent speakers, stronger personal and cultural identities
By Dr. Janine Pease (Crow)
Language immersion not only saves languages and cultures. It also may reverse dismal student test scores and restore fractured families and communities. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College Faculty Survey: Despite lower pay, faculty tend to be content, altruistic, ambitious
By Dr. Richard A. Voorhees and Nicole Adams (Colville/Yakama)
The first survey ever of tribal college faculty found that they want to make a difference in students’ lives. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Back from the Brink: Innovative language program involves three generations
By Ron Selden
Shondlyn Chandler, 6, is in her second year of language classes. She’s already teaching her infant sister a few Native words each day. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: Show your appreciation to dedicated service members
By Gerald E. Gipp, Ph.D.

Editor’s Essay: Native languages: a question of life or death
By Marjane Ambler

Profile: Agnes Kenmille

Voices: Who Will Teach my Great-Great-Grandchildren Dakotah?
By Tammy Eastman DeCoteau (Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux) TCJ PAID CONTENT

Land Grant: Financial education brightens future

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Michael Wassegijig Price, Holly Ristau, Jane Kirby, and Tracey Jilot

Resource Guide
By Lori Whitright-Falcon (Blackfeet)

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