Turtle Mountain Providing Health Training

May 15th, 2000 | By | Category: 11-4: All Our Children Are Special, Tribal College News

Turtle Mountain Community College is collaborating with the University of North Dakota to provide interdisciplinary training for students in occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, medical technology, and medicine. Project CRISTAL (Collaborative Rural Interdisciplinary Service Training and Learning) is designed to improve health care services to populations residing in a rural reservation area of North Dakota.

The Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation was selected as the site for Project CRISTAL because it provides an excellent training ground for students and faculty due to the numerous, varied health conditions that may not be found elsewhere. The interdisciplinary training model fits the traditional cultural belief of holistic medicine and community health. Through Project CRISTAL, students and faculty will gain an understanding of each health discipline and how each approaches health problems. The training will focus upon patient-centered and community-oriented learning.

The project is intended to help recruit and retain health care practitioners to work on reservations in North Dakota and to make rural practice an attractive choice for health professionals. Project CRISTAL will link rural and under-served communities with health resources using computer-aided instruction, electronic mail networking, V-Tel connectivity, and electronic library resources. The project will provide valuable insight into health issues of American Indian populations, which may lead to future research specific to the Turtle Mountain Community. For more information on Project CRISTAL, contact Ella Bruce, Project CRISTAL coordinator, at 701/477-7839.

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