Life with the Little People

May 15th, 2000 | By | Category: 11-4: All Our Children Are Special, Media Reviews

By Robert Johnson Perry
Greenfield Review Press, Greenfield Center, New York.
1998, 161 pages

Review by Maria Escalante, College of the Menominee Nation Librarian

An enchanting journey across generations illuminates the habits of the Little People of the Muscogea Indians of Oklahoma. Robert Johnson Perry gives the reader a glimpse into a magical world with his superb gifts as a storyteller. He shares the experiences of families and how the Little People touched their lives. The book overflows with history, family information, folklore, and above all lessons on life (or lessons in living). The book begins with the history of how the Muscogea Indians rediscovered the Little People on their forced relocation to the Oklahoma territory in 1836. With their belief in the Little People firmly established, Perry continues to show that as time goes by, people and their ability to see can change. A mesmerizing read.

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