Devilfish Bay: The Giant Devilfish Story. An Alaska Indian Adventure

May 15th, 2000 | By | Category: 11-4: All Our Children Are Special, Media Reviews

By Rudy James
Wolfhouse Publishing, Woodinville, WA
1997, 176 pages

Review by Maria Escalante, College of the Menominee Nation Librarian

Devilfish Bay is a phenomenal story based on an oral tradition of the Thling-git Indians of Alaska. Rudy James tells the story of the culture and families that lived in the Devilfish Bay Village in the 1600s. With his attention to detail and the use of Thling-git words and phrases, James is able to transport the reader to an earlier time showing us all the values of Thling-git culture. The story is at once a tragedy and a triumph as it explains how the circle of respect was broken. Following the three young brothers, the main characters, the story unfolds around how they act to set things right. The brothers’ resourcefulness and determination to right the wrong show the character they possess as Thling-git– making them heroes for all time.

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