16-2 Winter 2004 “Tribal College Research” Table of Contents

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Blood, Lies, and Indian Rights: TCUs becoming gatekeepers for research
By Juan A. Avila Hernandez (Yoeme/Yoi)
A medical research scandal in Arizona helped persuade more tribal colleges to develop their own Institutional Review Boards. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Decolonizing Research – Indigenous scholars can take over the research process
By Cheryl Crazy Bull (Sicangu Lakota)
Research that revitalizes our cultural traditions and ways of living is sacred work, essential to our survival. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Preserving Old Ways the Modern Way – Red Crow uses GIS, GPS to document traditional knowledge
By Mary Weasel Fat (Blackfoot)
What do global positioning and buffalo jumps have in common? Innovative land use research program provides model for First Nations. TCJ PAID CONTENT

‘Preserve at all Costs’ – AIHEC Program Prepares New Generation of Leaders
By Ron Selden
A new cohort of leadership fellows prepares to take over the reins from college presidents who are planning to retire.


Dear Readers: Launch of AIMS Promises Foundation for Change
By Gerald E. Gipp

Editor’s Essay: Pursuing Their Potential: TCUs Turn from Being Researched to Being Researchers
By Dr. Karen Gayton Swisher (Hunkpapa Lakota); guest editor

Land Grant: Water, Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop that is Drinkable
By Dr. John Phillips TCJ PAID CONTENT

Profile: Violet Tso
By Tina Deschenie (Diné) TCJ PAID CONTENT

Voices: How to Defuse a Public Relations Crisis

Media Reviews
By Dr. Marilyn Russell, Roxanne Gould, Dr. Paul Boyer, Holly Ristau, and Natalie Davis

Tribal College News

Resource Guide
By Dr. Susan C. Faircloth (Coharie) and Dr. John W. Tippeconnic, III (Comanche)

 On the Cover:
 1) Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute students research
germination rates on tree species used for reforestation.
Left to right: KyleMassey (WhiteMountain Apache), Derek
James (Menominee) and Irene Martinez (Prairie Band of
Potowatomi). Photo by Mike Frank
2) Northwest Indian College biology student Mari Lawrence
(Lummi) examinesDungeness crab larvae. Photo byDick Poole
3) Salish Kootenai College Extension Service is helping eradicate
the yellow iris, which has become a noxious weed in
Montana. Photo by Rene Kittle
4) SereneThinElk (Lakota) has researched to learn how to play
the traditional flute. Photo by M.A. Pember

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