Crossing Boundaries: The Story of Sophie Morigeau

Nov 15th, 2002 | By | Category: 14-2: American Indian Higher Education Consortium 30th Anniversary, Media Reviews

Avista Corp., Spokane, WA, 2001
Video: 27 minutes

Review by Jani Costilla

The video is a presentation of a pioneer among women, Sophie Morigeau, born in 1836 in British Columbia. Morigeau was an original business leader in the era of pioneers and rough times where men dominated and women were subservient. She proved herself to be independent and successful when it was truly a man’s world. Morigeau traveled far and wide across the Canadian borders to British Columbia and back into the United States to the region of Missoula, MT. She was known for her business savvy among the Native Americans, especially the Flathead Indians, and the white traders. I recommend this video documentary for tribal college video collections.

Jani Costilla is the library director at Blackfeet Community College.

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