Wade Teeple Wins Web Site Award

Nov 15th, 2002 | By | Category: 14-2: American Indian Higher Education Consortium 30th Anniversary, Tribal College News
By Sharlene Myers, Bay Mills News

Soldier, fisherman, educator, lawman, webmaster, politician. If anyone can say, “Been there; done that,” it is Wade Teeple. Currently employed as off-campus coordinator at Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) in Michigan, Teeple has also had careers in commercial fishing and tribal law enforcement with both Bay Mills Indian Community and Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. He was tribal chairman for eight years and put in a stint as interim director of the Michigan Indian Child Welfare Agency. He also served with the elite Screaming Eagles – the famous 101st Airborne – and he is a champion horseshoe tosser.

Now he can add award-winning webmaster to his list of accomplishments. Recently, Teeple’s web site was chosen as one of the best by <military.com>, the largest on-line military destination. Teeple learned his webmaster skills at BMCC as part of a class project. His site has icons, moving graphics, and a drop-down menu providing information on BMCC, Bay Mills Indian Community, Michigan tribes, and the 101st Airborne.

His career in the 101st lasted two-and-a-half years. He volunteered for the Army at the age of 18 and then volunteered again for the 101st, spending his tour stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. He got out in August 1965, narrowly missing duty in Viet Nam. “President Kennedy sent the first brigade of the 101st to ‘Nam in July 1965. That was close enough for me,” he said.

As off-campus coordinator, Teeple arranges for people at other locations to take college courses. He began by conducting a statewide assessment of all federally recognized Michigan tribes using a W.K. Kellogg grant. The assessment took about a year and a half to complete and indicated that business and computer classes were the top interests. He tries to get classes going with other tribes for people not interested in mainstream education.

His involvement in tribal politics has come in handy in his new position. As chairman, he met many people from other tribes, and these contacts helped him set up the education courses. Of all his varied careers, Teeple said his favorite is what he is doing now. His website can be viewed at the Bay Mills website <www.bmcc.edu/nish/Faculty/index.html >.

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