TCJ Announces Personnel Changes

Feb 15th, 2003 | By | Category: 14-3: Your Heroes Are Not Our Heroes
By Marjane Ambler

When taking the first steps into a new year, people traditionally look backward at the past year and forward to the new challenges in 2003. We thank the readers who called and wrote about the 80-page issue we published in October to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the tribal college movement. The credit really goes to the tribal colleges and universities and other advertisers who provided financial support for the special issue.  As always, we are grateful to the American Indian Higher Education Consortium and the American Indian College Fund for their financial support over the years.

The anniversary issue was the brainchild of Felicity Kurth, our marketing director. Felicity began working for TCJ and the American Indian Higher Education Consortium in 1996 when she launched our marketing department, which at that time was rudimentary at best.  Her warm, enthusiastic writing and personal style has attracted hundreds of readers to TCJ over the years. In October Felicity resigned to start work on a documentary film about the tribal colleges, and we wish her well.

Rachael Marchbanks was promoted to marketing director. As the director of advertising, Rachael has been keeping TCJ afloat since October 1998. She has also been working closely with Felicity on building our subscription numbers, so we were delighted when she agreed to accept the marketing director position as well as advertising. The other members of our team are Patricia Burget, office manager, and Eleanor Kuhl, special projects coordinator.

Looking forward, we welcome your suggestions for readers. Whether you are a new reader or have been receiving TCJ for our entire 13 plus years, you most likely have ideas of other people who might also enjoy reading about what the tribal colleges and universities are doing to improve life in Indian Country.

You know that very few people have ever heard of a tribal college. Consider giving gift subscriptions to libraries or individuals. Or send us their names, and we will send a sample copy with a note saying you suggested it! Help the tribal college family grow in 2003.

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