AIHEC Congress in DC

May 15th, 2003 | By | Category: 14-4: Cultural Resilience, Tribal College News

AIHEC STUDENT CONGRESSMembers of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium Student Congress traveled to Washington, DC, in February to speak with their members of Congress about the value of tribal colleges. Pictured are (back row) Brandon Nurlow, Dwayne Bane, Rhonda Davis, Tate Haukaas, John LittleSky, and Gabrielle Tiomanipi; (middle row) Sheila Wetterling, Julian Manyhides, Linda White, Stephanie Laducer, Collen Kelly, Mechelle Crazy Thunder, Denise Krueger; and (front row) Eric Dumarce, Jessie McDonald, Nadine Vasquez, and Windy Whirlwindsoldier.

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