15-2 “Reclaiming Native Health” Resource Guide

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By Peggy Hiestand, M.Ed.

CUTTING THE FAT. Nutrition program instructor Peggy Heistand explains fat and cholesterol to a Fond du Lac College student.

How do I know if I’m getting the correct information about diabetes? Where can I get specific information on diabetes for American Indians and Alaska Natives? Are there any videos that my community could view on diabetes? Are there any books or cookbooks that focus on diabetes that could possibly help me? What about the Internet — what sites are good sites to find information?

If you have diabetes, getting the correct information from a reliable source is critical. With this chronic disease increasing in numbers every day, people are looking for ways to find up-to-date, reliable information.

The Internet has become a source for many people who have computer and Internet access available. This resource guide is intended to give you reliable sources out on the “web” for the most current information. This guide is by no means the only resource; it is a starting point to obtain further information.

The more informed you are about diabetes, the more you will understand the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity in your life. Type 2 diabetes is a disease of lifestyle, and prevention is the key. As this disease is reaching epidemic proportions, we now have children with this disease. Get informed on what to do to prevent members of your family from getting this chronic disease.


Native American Prevention Research Center, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center-College of Public Health & Rhoades, E.R. (2002) Diabetes — don’t you get it. Oklahoma City, OK: Native American Prevention Research Center.

This 20-minute video is directed at Native American children all across America to tell them the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle in preventing diabetes. Contact: kymberly-cravatt@ouhsc.edu or call Kymberly Cravatt at (405) 271-2330 ext.6740.

Williamson, G., Brown, N. P., & Noble, S. (2000) Horse song. Shiprock, NM: Four Directions Health Communications.

Produced with assistance from the Navajo Nation, this 60-minute video focuses on the impacts on family members who live with a person who has undiagnosed diabetes. Horse Song is told in the Navajo language with English subtitles. Traditional stories provide healing as the father seeks out both Native and Western remedies. For a copy of this video, phone (505) 368-6499.

Rhine, G. & Belgarde, P. (2000) Rez robics. Malibu, CA: Dreamcatchers, Inc.

Exercise along with other Native Americans. Copies of this video are free of charge to Indian communities. Contact Pam Belgarde at (209) 388-1548, or email wellnative@hotmail.com for more information.

Shenandoah Film Productions, Arcata, CA. www.shenandoahfilms.com

An Indian-owned enterprise, this company has over 300 videos on topics related to culture, health, environment, addictions, healing, education, elders, and sovereignty. Call (707) 822-1030 for a catalogue.

Internet sites

American Indian Radio on Satellite
www.AIROS.org or phone (402) 472-3522
Check this website out weekly for information relating to health in Indian Country.

American Diabetes Association
www.diabetes.org or phone (800) 342-2383
The American Diabetes Association is the nation’s leading nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, information, and advocacy. Check out their website for current research, information, recipes, and even a support group at www.diabetes.org/main/community/outreach/support.jsp

Association of American Indian Physicians
www.aaip.com/home/home.html or phone (405) 946-7072
Check out this website for issues in Indian health. Included is a site link (www.aaip.com/student/index3.html) for student resources (scholarships, activities) and a site link (www.aaip.com/fitness_nutrition/index.html) to fitness and nutrition that has many links to health organizations.

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