Reader’s Digest Lists Best Education Charity

Feb 15th, 2004 | By | Category: 15-3: English Only?, Tribal College News

Reader’s Digest named the Denver-based American Indian College Fund as the best charity in education in its November 2003 issue. The article listed the best charity to which to trust donations in 12 different categories, including education.

Tribal colleges, which offer two- and four-year degrees, are the only accredited colleges that integrate traditional Indian culture and language with mainstream curricula. The American Indian College Fund is the largest private provider of funding for scholarships to the 34 tribal colleges in the United States.

“Our inclusion in the Reader’s Digest best charity list has the potential to change lives,” said Richard B. Williams (Oglala Lakota), president of the organization. “The more people know about and donate, the more we can help American Indian people pursue education as a means to pull themselves out of poverty and give back to their community and society.”

In 2002 the National Scholarship Providers Association named the organization as Scholarship Provider of the Year. For more information, see

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