Teaching & Learning in College: A Resource for Educators

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TEACHING AND LEARNING COVERBy Gary S. Wheeler, editor, 4th edition, Info-Tec (2002), Elyria, OH.
199 pages.

ISBN: 0-940017-31-8 $39.95

Review by Jane Kirby

There have been a lot of changes in higher education since the 3rd edition of this resource was published 10 years ago. Six educators present essays for newer faculty. However, instructors with many years of experience can also benefit from this information on the teaching and learning process.

The book encourages educators to examine, recognize, and develop their own unique teaching style. Chapters contain personal anecdotes, case studies, and strategies to help faculty reach their students and improve their teaching skills. Topics include technology integration into the curricula, effective assessment, faculty development, community learning, diversity, and new roles for faculty developers.

Overall, this book would be a good addition to a college library’s faculty development collection although some of the demographic information is dated.  The book is easy to read, and those using it will gain ideas to implement in the classroom.

Jane Kirby has 24 years experience in school, public, and academic libraries, including Sisseton Wahpeton College in Sisseton, SD. She now serves as the American Indian Higher Education Consortium Virtual Library Manager.

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