Diné College Provides Video Training for CHRs

May 15th, 2004 | By | Category: 15-4: Ancient Cultures Modern Technology, Tribal College News

Community health representatives (CHRs) often provide a lifeline for sick people in isolated areas of the reservation. Traveling hundreds of miles to provide basic health care services to Navajo people, they link sick people with the Indian Health Service system.

Now the Navajo Nation wants them to advance their skills. The nation is transforming the Navajo Division of Health into a department of health with major responsibilities for assessing health, developing public health policy, and implementing programs in the area.

It would be difficult for these health care workers to take time away from patients and travel to a distant college for professional training. Thus the Navajo Division of Health has asked Diné College at Shiprock, NM, to provide courses by video-conferencing at four of the college’s satellite campuses.

The college is offering Introduction to Public Health by video-conferencing to about 75 community health representatives at Shiprock and three Arizona campuses — Tsaile, Tuba City, and Window Rock. The students don’t see just a monitor but see each other as one monitor splits its screen to show an overview of each of the four sites.

The program uses WebCT to communicate about the course. WebCT is a web site environment dedicated to a particular class. Students get a password to log onto the site to read updates, check course calendar, download or print handouts, articles, upload their assignments, take quizzes, email each other or the instructor, or post questions or discussions.

After taking the course herself, Community Health Representatives Director Mae-Gilene Begay encourages her entire staff to get training.

For more information, contact Mark Bauer at Diné College in Shiprock, NM, (505) 368-3589 or email mbauer@dine.edu.

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