Designs of the Night Sky

May 15th, 2004 | By | Category: 15-4: Ancient Cultures Modern Technology, Media Reviews

DESIGNS COVERby Diane Glancy
University of Nebraska Press (2002). 157 pages
ISBN 0803221908

Review by Rachel Lindvall

Designs of the Night Sky will resonate with tribal college librarians and all those familiar with the setting. Author Diane Glancy, herself a librarian, devotes much thought to the relationships between oral traditions and the written word in this latest novel. Those unaccustomed to thinking in non linear fashion may have to work a bit at first getting used to the patterns and cadences of the unfolding story, but be advised that it is well worth that initial effort.

Glancy’s Cherokee librarian protagonist, Ada Nonoter, theorizes that libraries host many spirits, predominately the voices of those individuals whose stories are told in written formats. This rationale holds tremendous credence with many who frequent tribal college libraries. Within the backdrop of Ada’s personal, spiritual, and family stories, the author explores ideas about language and meaning. She looks at subtleties lost in the stories that are told for and about her Cherokee ancestors. The book is highly recommended for tribal college audiences.

Rachel Lindvall is the director of library services for Sinte Gleska University in Mission, SD.

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