Salish Kootenai Students Launch On-Line Newspaper

Feb 15th, 2005 | By | Category: 16-3: Indigenizing Education, Tribal College News

Journalism students at Salish Kootenai College (SKC, Pablo, MT) have a new venue for their stories and concerns, an on-line newspaper, the Camp Crier.

As one of only a few tribal colleges offering a journalism class and student newspaper, SKC’s diverse student body (over 1,100 students from at least 50 tribes) will provide a variety of outlooks and fill a niche between local and tribal forms of media.

Students can “get their feet wet” in journalism and generate interest in a field where the Native American perspective is often overlooked. They hope to cover stories in depth and explore issues of interest to them and the community. Besides covering news, the paper will showcase art by SKC students and reservation high school students.

David Spear, who co-teaches the journalism class, says, “There is a lot of strong storytelling work surrounding the community,” and the Camp Crier is “a perfect venue to place the writing and photography.

Dennis McAuliffe, a journalism instructor at the University of Montana, visited Pablo last year and planted the seed for SKC to begin its own paper. McAuliffe directs the on-line publication reznet that prints articles by Native American students from across the country,

Sam Williams and Leslie Camel, who work and teach at SKC, designed the Camp Crier website, which can be accessed at or through the SKC internet home page.

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