Oglala Lakota College Forms 1st Faculty Senate

Feb 15th, 2005 | By | Category: 16-3: Indigenizing Education, Tribal College News

In August 2004 a Faculty Senate Steering Committee held an election at Piya Wiconi to organize the first Wankatuye Wounspe Yewicasipi for the academic year 2004-05 at Oglala Lakota College (Kyle, SD).

The faculty senate was organized partly because the accreditation evaluation team cited the lack of faculty representation as a weakness of the college. Subsequently, the faculty formed a steering committee to organize elections. There were 49 candidates for the seven positions of the Wankatuye Wounspe Yewicasiipi, and 85% of the faculty on campus voted.

Those elected for the academic year are: Paul Robertson, itancan (president); Craig Howe, itancan iyokihe (vice president); Lorie Broberg, wowapi kaga (secretary); and Mike Miller, Joan Nelson, Paul Cedarface, and John Around Him, wa’akiyapi (representatives).

The group then began the task of writing their bylaws and determining how the senate would fit into the governance system of the college.

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