Cecelia Myerion Releases the Seven Teachings

May 15th, 2005 | By | Category: 16-4: International Indigenous Education, Tribal College News

WISDOM AND LOVE. Cecelia Myerion developed a CD-ROM featuring the Seven Teachings of the Ojibwe.

Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC, Belcourt, ND) has released a documentary on the Seven Teachings of the Ojibwe. Longtime tribal college language teacher Cecelia Myerion developed the CD-ROM entitled Dibaajimowin Neeshwaswi Gikinamagawinin (The Seven Teachings). This documentary explains the bundle that a young Ojibwa boy was given from the Seven Grandfathers.

Myerion and Frances Allard-Abbott traveled across the Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota and through Minnesota and Canada to interview elders about the teachings. The documentary features those discussions.

It also features several tribal members. Julius Baker, an elementary school student, sang a traditional song using a hand drum; Kathy Peltier and Dan Jerome provided flute music; and the Northern Eagle Singers are the featured drum group. Autumn C. Meeches was featured on a special song.

TMCC held a showing last fall and invited many of the people involved in the production. The ceremony honored David Swenson from Makoche Studio of Bismarck for his work producing the CD-ROM. Myerion said he has become a “true and trusted friend of the tribal members.”

Myerion has been teaching Ojibwa language at the tribal college for 10 years. She also developed the summer Ojibwa Language Camp and taught the Ojibwa language to North Dakota State University students (many of them tribal members) over the interactive video network. Working with the tribal government, she has developed certification criteria for Ojibwa language teachers who are seeking North Dakota state teacher licenses.

The seven teachings are nbwaakaawin (wisdom), zaagidwin (love), mnaadendmowin (respect), aakdehewin (bravery), gwekwaadiziwin (honesty), dbaadendizwin (humility), and debwewin (truth).

The CD-ROM can be purchased through the Turtle Mountain Community College Book Store for $15. Call (701) 477 7807. The Seven Teachings was a 2-year project made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities’ minority institution set-aside grant.

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