Thank you for 15 years of loyalty and support

Aug 15th, 2004 | By | Category: 16-1: Sovereignty in Indian Country
By Gerald E. Gipp, Ph.D.

Gerald E. Gipp

By the time you receive this issue of TCJ, it will be autumn, and the classroom doors will be swinging open again soon. The beginning of the school year and the release of the annual fall TCJ Student Edition always remind us of why we’re all here — to further the cause of tribally-controlled American Indian higher education.

This fall, I am very pleased to say, marks the 15th anniversary of the Tribal College Journal. In the harsh climate of publishing, 15 years is a long time to keep a magazine alive.

The American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) appreciates you, the readers, for your loyalty and support of TCJ and the tribal college movement over the years. You listen to and advocate for the students. Whether you are directly involved in Indian education or a supporter, you read these pages to understand the efforts of elders and other scholars who strive to educate our people in culturally empowering ways.

You send us thoughtful and sincere letters. Whenever we send out a reader survey, you respond with constructive advice. Recently, a reader told us, “I have the same thought about your magazine as I do about the tribal colleges themselves — the ratio of quality to financial resources is remarkable.”

This reader understood that as an educational journal published by a nonprofit organization, our financial resources are limited. Despite the current recession in the magazine industry, TCJ subscription numbers have grown, indicating that readers value TCJ. But subscriptions pay for only a small part of our costs.

The tribal colleges and universities also have been loyal in their support since they created the journal 15 years ago. They have provided money and time over the years, both precious commodities for them. The presidents take turns serving as the TCJ Advisory Board to provide policy direction.

To keep TCJ alive, AIHEC also has depended upon advertising, grants, and gifts from the American Indian College Fund. After recent downturns in grant and gift funding, the colleges have demonstrated their support once again, as indicated by the number of college ads in this edition.

They cannot support TCJ alone, however. That’s why we are asking for your assistance.  Help us celebrate this 15-year anniversary by using the form inside the magazine to make a tax-deductible donation. Your gift will allow us to continue to share the critical information, resources, and the opportunities for the next 15 years and beyond.

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