17-3 Spring 2006 “Heroes of Today” Table of Contents

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17-3 HEROES OF TODAYFeatures

Historical Trauma: Holocaust victims, American Indians recovering from abuses of the past
By Tina Deschenie (Diné)
In this interview, Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart (Oglala/Hunkpapa Lakota) explains how culture can help heal centuries of pain.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Heroes of Heroes: Everyone has someone to look up to
Dr. Jim Shanley, Dr. Joe McDonald, Wilma Mankiller, Chris Eyre, and Dr. Janine Pease explain whom they most admire.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Walking the Line: Do heroes help us choose the Red Road?
By Dorreen Yellow Bird (Sahnish/Dakota/Lakota)
Violent deaths in the past year at Red Lake and Standing Rock sent this journalist on a search through her own past for answers.TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: Deloria’s Vision Lives, Can Still Ignite Fires
By Gerald E. Gipp

Editor’s Essay: Heroes of Today, Rising from the Past
By Marjane Ambler

Profile: Phillip John Young
By Cynthia Lindquist Mala (Spirit Lake Dakota)TCJ PAID CONTENT

Talking Circle: Reading and Writing in a Cross Cultural Classroom

Research: Wisconsin’s Tribal Colleges Overcome Challenges to Enrich Their Communities

Voices: Land Grant Partners Should Help Improve Services
By Dr. Michael V. MartinTCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

Book/Media Reviews

Resource Guide
By Dr. Maria Yellow Horse B rave Heart and Tina Deschenie

ON THE COVER: Each December, the 300-mile Big Foot Memorial Ride retraces the trail taken by Lakota people, which ended in the Wounded Knee Massacre on Dec. 29, 1890. Photo by Gwendolen Cates.

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